The process

You are always welcome to sit in during the mastering session and have a taste of our excellent coffee. Really, our coffee is great. But most of our work is online. Mixes are sent to us over the internet and files are delivered back to you the same way. This way you have the advantage of hearing the masters in your own listening environment before approval.


The gear used during mastering varies. We use analog hardware EQ's and compressors as well as digital tools, often in combination. Every mix is different so every mastering is custom made for your specific project and what we choose to use depends on what your mixes need.


When preparing your mixes for mastering, first be sure that your mixes are great. Don't leave anything to be "fixed in the mastering".

  • Make sure your master bus isn't clipping and turn off any final limiting.
  • Send the files in the sample rate/kHz you mixed in. No need to up/downsample.
  • Supply final correct track names and track order.
  • If you want a DDP, supply ISRC codes.
  • Send us the files using WeTransfer or similar service.